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What is this place?

This blog was devised to share my short, creative writings, and the occasional poem, with those who are interested in reading the works of a budding writer and to get some feedback on these short works. Since the creation of this blog, I’ve begun writing more frequently on the nature and purpose of writing, as well as the importance of reading, because, as writers, we should also be engaged readers.

The most popular posts to date, which I recommend reading, include:

What do I like to write?

I enjoy writing fantasy or supernatural stories, but every now and then a poem likes to weasel it’s way in to my fingers. I also write straight fiction, but I love magic more than the real world so I always wander back to my fantasy worlds. Currently, I’m working on two stories and I have inklings for two or three more, along with writing short stories and flash fiction to develop my skills when I can’t devote as much time to the longer stories.

I also write about theatre life. I am working on writing stories centered around the life of live performance individuals (no, not actors, but the people who make them look and sound even better), and I’m in the planning phase of writing an origin story about a prevalent theatre superstition (the Scottish Play anyone?).

Wait, who am I?12832349_1058095887597719_1798879526604933111_n

I’m a small town girl who moved to the city to get away from the farms surrounding her childhood home. I enjoy adventure and excitement, but I’m also content to stay at home and cuddle up with a book and a mug of hot cocoa.

My first love is technical theatre; my second is writing. Thus, I studied Theater and Professional Writing at York College of Pennsylvania, and I graduated May 2016. Since it’s very hard to choose between the two, I’ve stuck myself in both mad worlds. I have worked everything from stage crew to lighting technician to stage managing and directing within the theatre. In addition to my theatre work, I worked as a writing tutor at York College.

Currently, I’m working at a theatre as a production intern. I am their in-house stage manager, which is what I want to do with my theatre life. I also manage the inventory, assist the technical director, and am a costume shop assistant. There are probably another handful of items I could list, but those are the major items I work on.

Besides writing content for this blog, I am also an avid crafter—knitting, crocheting, sewing, all of the usual things. I enjoy working with my hands to create something substantial, which may be one reason I became a writer.

Wait! I’m an editor too!

I am also a freelance editor Upwork.com which allows me to exercise the skills I have gained through tutoring writing and my writing classes. If you’re looking for a comprehensive editor, or even just a proofreader, please take a look at my profiles on either of these sites. I’d be more than happy to help you with your writing needs!

Contact Me

I can be contacted at author@sibillerose.com if you’d like to chat.

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