Short Stories

Here you can find short works of fiction/fantasy as well as a few plays I’ve penned. These have mostly stemmed from “story seeds” or similar such prompts I found through Pinterest. I want to develop a few of them further, but for now, I consider them to be completed. To reach each story, either click on the name of the story or look through the menu under “Short Writings.” Also, as per request, below you can find a short description of the context in which each story was written. I’m adding them here so they can be found in one place.

A Warm Winter Day

This is the first play I had the “joy” of writing. It started as an assignment for my Playwriting class my junior year of college. It took me a while to determine what I wanted to write about, there were so many options, like everything and anything you can imagine, for example. Finally, I decided to write about coping with loss as my dog of 17 years had passed away that August and about this time was the anniversary of my grandfather’s passing. Within the realm of the play, I wanted to work with the idea that the living are not the only ones grieving; that those who have passed have also lost those who are important to them.

A Week in a Cafe

Writing prompt: describe the days of the week as if they were people. Done. And they have some important business to take care of. If only the party animals would show up on time. In A Week in a Cafe, meet grumpy Monday, proper Miss Tuesday, jovial Mr. Wednesday, hungover Thursday, partiers Friday and Saturday, and responsible Sunday. I wrote this piece when I should have been working on my novel, but it was a fun break in the normal action. Be sure to give it a read!

Destroy the Monster

Destroy the Monster originated from the writing prompt: how do you destroy a monster without becoming one? This is a prompt I will probably return to when I’m stuck for what to write next. I see a lot of potential for how to write this, but for now this is what I have written.


This piece is a creative nonfiction piece. Before this piece, I hadn’t written anything I would call creative nonfiction (I’m not even a real fan of that term), but this was for an assignment during my creative writing class the spring of my senior year. The work centers around my best friend and a trip the two of us took during spring break my senior year of college and my musings on the members of a family.


This is the second product of my Playwriting class. Again in this play, I wanted to work with the idea of loss, and the idea that everyone has ghosts in their past, whether they know it or not. (I really had an obsession with ghosts during this semester I’ve realized… anywho…) This idea stemmed from the sense that nothing is truly ever in the past for us and that the past will come back to haunt us all in the end.

The Grave

The idea for this short story came from the “story seed:”  “write about a character who stumbles upon a grave with their name on it,” which I found on Pinterest. After reading this, I knew what I wanted the ending of the scene to be and, after a minute of thought, I was able to figure out my beginning and only had to connect the dots. For now, this is only a short scene, though I am looking at possible ways to make it a full story, and am in the process of revising it.

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