A Week in a Café

Monday trudged into the café, jacket slung over his shoulder and shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He swung his briefcase carelessly as his eyes surfed around the room looking for a table. He ordered coffee, black, and pulled a crumpled newspaper from his briefcase to read while he waited for the minutes to tick past.

A clicking noise jolted him away from mulling over the lazy articles. He looked up to find Miss Tuesday clacking her way toward his table. Prim and proper Miss Tuesday, heels clicking against the linoleum flooring, sauntered up to his table, pulled a tissue from her shoulder bag to wipe off the seat, and gingerly sat across from Monday. He grunted his acknowledgment and went back to his paper as Miss Tuesday looked over the café’s menu.

Miss Tuesday ordered a decaf coffee with sugar and cream and a toasted bagel for her morning meal. She delicately sipped her syrupy coffee and asked Monday how he was doing. Monday only grunted again, not ready to talk yet, he was only halfway through his first cup of coffee after all. Miss Tuesday sighed and smoothed her blouse, taking her jacket off had rumpled the light material. She gazed around the room while she waited, her hawk eyes noticing every smudge and spot the waitresses had missed on the surrounding tables.

The chime of the café’s door opening drew her attention. Monday was trying his damnedest to ignore the world and stayed buried in his crumpled paper. Miss Tuesday rose to greet the jovial Mr. Wednesday who had made his way into the café. Monday scowled and grunted his greeting to match the slap on the shoulder Mr. Wednesday offered him. Miss Tuesday pursed her lips but relented to the vigorous hug Mr. Wednesday bestowed upon her.

Mr. Wednesday nudged Monday over in the booth and joined the pair at their breakfast. Mr. Wednesday procured a cup of hot chocolate and a veggie omelet while Monday started in on his second cup of coffee.

“A fine morning isn’t it?” Mr. Wednesday hummed, toasting them with his hot chocolate. Monday grunted again but consented to set down his paper and engage.

“A tad dreary for my taste,” Miss Tuesday commented, watching plump Mr. Wednesday suck down his omelet.

“What are you talking about? The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and breakfast is nice and warm.”

“Yes, I suppose that is true,” Miss Tuesday looked away from Mr. Wednesday while he mopped the crumbs from his plate.

“How about you, Monday? How are you this fine morning?” Mr. Wednesday turned to his neighbor.

“I’m fine, I guess, just another day,” Monday yawned.

“Have either of you seen the twins yet? They told me they’d be joining us today.”

“They’ve been quiet as far as I know,” Miss Tuesday said. Monday nodded in agreement.

The café door opened again and a young man and woman entered. Both made their way over to the booth with the other three. The woman tripped into her seat by Miss Tuesday and the man snagged a chair from a nearby table and landed himself at the end of the booth.

“Hello, you two. How are you both?” Mr. Wednesday greeted the pair.

“I had to drag this one out of bed,” the young man indicated the woman who was now leaning against Miss Tuesday looking as if she had fallen back to sleep.

“Rough night there, Thursday?” Monday teased the sleepy girl.

“Something like that. Please tell me the coffee is good.” Monday grunted and gulped more from his own cup. Thursday sighed but ordered a cup as well as a glass of water.

“What about you, Friday?” Miss Tuesday asked as she scooted as far away from Thursday as she was able.

“I’m just fine. Remember, I can hold my own much better than Thursday can. I was born to party,” Friday chuckled and munched the top of the muffin he had ordered.

“We were just talking about the twins when you decided to join us,” Mr. Wednesday continued. “Have either of you heard from them?”

“They were just with us last night,” Friday shrugged, while Thursday choked on her giant gulp of caffeine. “Sunday wasn’t feeling the best, she mentioned something about needing to be up early.”

“They promised me they would be here,” Mr. Wednesday frowned, the first break in his jovial mood.

“That doesn’t mean they’re not coming,” Miss Tuesday added. “I’m sure Saturday kept her sister out too late and they have both merely overslept.”

“Even so, Sunday is more responsible than this,” Mr. Wednesday said.

“We can always go over to their apartment if we really need to. I still have a key,” Friday said, Miss Tuesday raised her eyebrows at him but made no comment.

“We may need to,” Mr. Wednesday mused.

“Dragged myself out of bed early for this meeting and now we can’t have a meeting,” Monday grumbled, drowning himself in more coffee.

“You’re not the only one having a rough morning, Monday,” Thursday groaned, hiding her eyes from the lights.

“Would you all calm down,” Miss Tuesday ordered. “Let’s give the girls five more minutes before we start worrying. They are only now late for the appointed meeting time.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right Miss Tuesday,” Mr. Wednesday agreed sipping more of his hot chocolate.

Each person returned to his meal, cleaning up the crumbs and Miss Tuesday tidied the table, knowing the waitress would do a poor job on her own. Amid the small talk and pleasantries, the café door again opened, alerting the group with its light tinkling bell. Two young women entered, looking as relaxed as Miss Tuesday was wound tight. They joined the group, pulling up two more chairs from a neighboring table.

“Ah, we can finally begin,” Mr. Wednesday cheered.

* * *

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Copyright ©  Sibille Rose – February 2017

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